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  • Tony Shalhoub Monastery Mentor Monk Tokens

    Tony Shalhoub Monastery Mentor Monk Tokens

    Why use the standard Monk Tokens found in booster packs? Print yourself out a set of these Tony Shalhoub Monk Tokens and pun your way to victory!

  • Kahns: R/W Aggro

    Kahns: R/W Aggro

    I have been playing a lot of Standard lately. I think the current format is both fun and skill-testing plus there are several viable decks. For some reason, my local meta is bubbling over with various unoptimized control decks. Given that information, I’ve been tinkering around with Red/White Aggro

  • Kicking things off

    Tonight we will be kicking off our very first stream. We will begin by drafting some Fate Reforged and then from there either Standard or Legacy. See you on Twitch [twitch.tv/moxelder] at 7:00PM (EST)